The Nature Affinity of your character determines the type of elemental release NinJutsu the Shinobi can learn first. Nature Affinities do not prevent the Shinobi from learning any other elemental Jutsu, and in fact will give them half of the puzzle to learning advanced elemental releases. The Nature Affinity also gives the Shinobi's Jutsu of the same element an added bonus in power level and reduces chakra consumption.

Release Skills Edit

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Each elemental jutsu requires a Change in Chakra Nature, allowing the Shinobi to utilize that particular branch of techniques. These changes are referred to as Release Skills, which allows the Shinobi to perform the change and utilize the elemental jutsu. A Shinobi must learn each of these skills prior to learning any other elemental technique, and in order to utilize Advanced Chakra Natures a Shinobi must possess all of the Release Skills that are required for the change in chakra nature to occur.

Villages Edit

Certain villages that are closely centered around a certain element may dictate the affinities that the Shinobi can have. Meaning, that certain elemental affinities may simply be unavailable for particular villages, with certain exceptions (clans, special events, etc.) There is no way to go into certain elements from the beginning, and any desire to learn them will lead the Player's character to outside NPCs or other player characters that are willing to teach them.

Depending on the village, the Shinobi Academy will teach the character their particular affinities Release Skill, which will place them on the path to learning they type of Jutsu.

Clans Edit

Clans that focus on an elemental based set of techniques will predetermine the character's Nature Affinity. This can be explained as the predestination of genetics. The character will be taught the appropriate Release Skill for their element, while training with their clan NPC.

Notes Edit

  • Nature Affinities have a small bearing on statistics.