Name Edit

The most basic part of the process, the name is the first criteria that is asked for during the creating of the Player's avatar. The name can be anything, though blatantly disrespectful, untactful, inappropriate, or otherwise offensive names will be denied.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of the Avatar will begin identical to the true appearance of the Player. They are then able to complete dictate whatever aspects of their physical appearance that they desire, including height and weight, eye and hair color, skin tone, position of features, hair style, and starting clothing. There is also the option of retaining the Player's true appearance in the game, in which nothing will be changed upon entering the actual game world.

Voice Edit

Perhaps the most confusing of this step in the process. The voice, like appearance, will begin as identical to the Player's. Though, unlike appearance, the Player is not capable of customizing it. They must either choose their natural voice, or choose from a predetermined choice of voices.

Age Edit

The age of your character is limited, though if a Player can survive for long enough their character can theoretically reach any age. At character creation your character must be between the ages of 11 and 18 years.

Starting Country & Village Edit

The starting country and village are perhaps the most important aspects of the Player's character. The starting country will dictate what villages you have the choice to begin at. The Village you choose will be the village you have allegiance to, it will also dictate what clans you may choose and what jutsu you will learn while attending the Shinobi Academy.

Notes Edit

  • Certain clans may dictate some features of the character's appearance, such as the weight being larger for members of the Akimichi clan, for example.
  • All villages will not always be available.